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3 Things That Will Prove To Be Useful During Quarantine

Ever since the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 has been ravaging through different countries all around the world from Asian countries to European and even North American counties as well. The disease is so contagious that many of the countries with infected people have issued a quarantine to prevent the spread of the virus. With the quarantine and restricted movement outside personal properties, people found themselves stocking up many items like toilet papers, toilet papers, and even more toilet papers. While the stocking up on toilet papers is not a bad idea in itself, there are still many more things that are needed for anyone to say they are truly prepared for a pandemic, and I would like to share my ideas on 3 essential things to prepare for quarantine.

1: Basic Safety Gears

The basic safety gears are one of the most important thing you can have during any kind of pandemic. It provides adequate protection whether you are outside of your house or inside of your house, prevents most viruses or other air borne diseases from spreading to you (if you wear them properly), and it is largely more convenient that other times of measures against possible spread of viral infections. Majority of the safety gears needed during any sort of pandemic (unless you are in an area where infections are more prone to happen) can be boiled down to masks and gloves. Masks prevent others from spreading the disease to you by protecting your air way while also preventing the spread of infections by an infectious person’s coughs or sneezes. For most of the time masks are the only thing you need, but during this time of COVID-19 gloves should also be worn outside due to COVID-19 being able to transmit by getting on to your hands when you touch infected surfaces. Another thing to be weary about is that masks are only effective when worn properly, other wise it won’t help at all.

2: Food

Food and water has always been one of the number one resources that you must have in order to survive, and their importance is also evident during the time of national quarantine. During quarantine it is hard to have adequate amount of supplies (since everyone is stockpiling) for many people to just go and by ingredients for food, if you cook, every week or every other week. Although it is true that the markets are replenishing their supplies, it is still very important to prepare for the time when you can’t get out of the house at all. Since you will be stockpiling and trying to avoid being out of the house for most of the extreme cases of quarantine, you will probably need lots of foods with long shelf life as well as nutritious, since keeping your health is a top priority during pandemics. This problem is easily solved through the stockpiling of dried food, which is made for long term storage, and canned food, which have notoriously long shelf life. Those food are generally of the nuts and fruit variants with some even being a vegetable, which helps due to the fact that fruits and nuts have lots of vitamins that augment your immune system. Nutrition is also not a concern as most of the fruits and nuts, especially when they are dried, have high nutrition values. Not only that since many of them comes in a small bag or with some kind of plastic container, it is more convenient to eat when you are inside and want a quick snack, or when you are outside and you suddenly feel hungry.

3: Information

Knowledge is power is the common saying for most of us and it is very true especially during a crisis like the pandemic that we are facing right now. During times like this it is imperative that people will search for and gain whatever knowledge that you can fine, whether it will be checking the news for the COVID-19 spread every morning or just looking up some DIY projects to do for some free time. Any sort of information can be helpful in any given situation as any information can easily be applied to many different places to help you during this pandemic. Among the sea of information available, most important, if I have to point one out, will probably be on the COVID-19 virus we are currently facing. This is because if you want to fight your enemy, you have to know your enemy (according to old sayings) and any sort of information on COVID-19 is extremely helpful. For example, lets say there was an incident where a large amount of people were found infected in a company that had a conference with various company representatives from all over US. Now, we won’t know for sure where each of the members of the company are from, but based on the positions of major industries’s main buildings are located, you could reasonably guess where the infection will most likely to spread next. Although this is a fictional hypothetical situation, same can be done with various information that is floating in the internet. However, one thing to consider is to fine a credible source of information like WHO or CDC. Not many information in the internet is completely credible but most are very useful for us who are in quarantine.

There are many more things to prepare for this pandemic and the few things I mentioned above is definitely not enough for one to be truly prepared. However, these were the three that I though were the most useful or essential for the life of quarantine that many of us are currently in. But, still, the most important thing to do during pandemic is to keep your health in top shape as the healthy body means good immune system, which means less of other infectious diseases other than COVID-19.

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