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About the People Protesting Against Quarantine

By: Chanho Ju

The quarantine has been going on for quite a long time now and as it goes on, people are starting to lose their mind over it. This time the post will not be too long, but it will be my brief thoughts on those people who are getting crazy during quarantine and are protesting. . . . . . Why?????????

I know I am being quite frank here as I express my lack of understanding to the people who are currently protesting against the quarantine, but I believe I have to say this due to the fact that it was the first thing that came to my mind while hearing that people are protesting against the quarantine. Now, I believe that everyone has a justifiable reasoning and that if they are protesting they must have some thing going on in their life that is making them need to go out to protest against the quarantine. So, I will try to understand why the people are protesting.

One of the reasons as to why people started to protest is I believe that they fear that the quarantine will go on for too long and the American economy will have a massive recession. Now, I believe that this concern is very real and very understandable, especially for those who doesn’t have a lot of income or lot of savings. As a nation, US has suffered various types of economic down falls with the two notable ones being the Great Depression and the Great Recession. During those times the economy crashed nearly to the floor and the unemployment rate skyrocketed. Many people suffered during those times and many more have horrible memories of those times. Due to this I believe that the fear of recession happening should be considered by many people and should the possibility recession happening be obvious, then lifting the quarantine to some degree should be considered in order to avoid the tragedies from the Great Recession and the Great Depression from happening again. However, I still believe that the quarantine’s social distancing part shouldn’t be removed any time soon as it is an important thing to keep in order for the spread of COVID-19 to be prevented. Ever since the outbreak have started, COVID-19 spread at a frighting rate and to the point where many were rushing back to their homes and their families less they shouldn’t be able to travel due to COVID-19. Even after many regulations and attempts to slow down the spread of the virus, it still is on a rampage throughout the world with no sign of slowing down. Even the death rate was measured to be fairly low, but now it has claimed thousands and thousands of lives with more being sacrificed each day. People that had COVID-19 said that it was very painful and miserable with the possibility of death also. With threats this big, COVID-19 have caught the world in an alarm state and understandingly so. So, my point is, that yes recession is miserable and very bad for many people, but I believe that having a recession might still better be dying my suffocation caused by COVID-19.

*The other reason was that people are picking liberty over safety, but I decided to not talk about that because it was too obvious as to the reason why quarantine was still better. Yes ideals and patriatism and FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS is all good and all, but I will still choose to not die from suffocation by fluid filled lungs than freely going to market*

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