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My Thoughts On the New Strains of COVID-19

By Chanho Ju

Not long ago scientists have discovered that there is a new strain of COVID-19 that was infecting the majority of general public. This new strain that was later named SARS-CoV-2 have been getting my attention for a quite some time as well as getting my concerns as well. Although most of the things I have heard about SARS-CoV-2 is either from my teacher or from internet rumors, but I will try and organize my thoughts on to this post about the new strains of COVID-19.

Currently, my thought about this new strain is that it might actually be a quite a normal thing for COVID-19. According to some websites, COVID-19 already has a few variance of their strains, most notable causing SARS and MERS. The virus it self also suggests very high amount of mutation will form as it is a ssRNA virus, which are notorious for having mutations. Although there will be occasions of new COVID-19 strain appearing, but I do not think this is too much of a big deal as I already expect it to mutate. However, there is a chance that this new strain of COVID-19 could be more infectious than the previous strains. Although I have not found much on the ineffectiveness of the new strain of COVID-19, I did found that this new strain was actually infecting most of the patients in Europe. This at least should suggest that this strain of COVID-19 is more infectious than the previously existing COVID-19 strains, or that it simply arrived at Europe faster than other strains did. If what happened is that this new strain have arrived at Europe faster than other strains, then I have no worries for this new strain, but if the reason why this strain is so wide spread in Europe is because it is more infectious than other strains, then I have a lot of worries for how this pandemic will be contained. Even if the mortality rate of this new strain is same or even lower than the current COVID-19 strain, lot more people will be infected with the new strain, which would consequently increase the amount of dead that will be happening in the long run.

Overall, since I don’t have enough information about this new strain to conclude anything for myself, I can really say that this new strain is one that we should worry about or not. This new strain might be weaker version of COVID-19, which might gives us insight in how to find a vaccine for COVID-19, or this new strain might be even worse than the already existing COVID-19, which will make it harder for us to fine a counter measure to our current crisis. Anyway, still the best thing to do during this quarantine is to just still still in home and try maintain social distancing as much as possible.

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