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Idaho’s COVID-19 Cases And Businesses


There have been a lot of talk about people being allowed to reopen businesses. Although I don’t particularly disagree with the call to open businesses as long as people keep their distance and use masks, but I am concerned since many people often ignore the policy of mask wearing. This is what happened to Idaho after businesses reopened and I hope this does not happen more than once.

For a while in Idaho, it seemed like the worst of the coronavirus pandemic was over, with most businesses back to nearly normal operations in June.

A new spike of COVID-19, however, has prompted some concern in the mostly rural state.

Idaho Gov. Brad Little has called the spike in cases alarming, but so far hasn’t announced any moves to shut the state back down.

Idaho officials reported a record 487 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday.

That brings the total confirmed and probable cases reported since March to 8,539.

There are a total of 7,884 confirmed cases and 655 probable cases in 42 of the 44 Idaho counties, according to numbers released from the local health districts and the state. See the chart below.

The hotspots so far this week are Ada County, Canyon County, Kootenai County, Twin Falls County and Bonneville County.

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