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My Thoughts On The New Website From Johns Hopkins

by Chanho Ju

I visited a new website made by Johns Hopkins regarding COVID-19. I thought the website was pretty cool and informational about the current state of affairs regarding COVID-19. It gives basic trends about COVID-19, it provides information about testings, and it also provides a tracking system where it shows where in the world COVID-19 is most populated at. Overall, I thought my impression of the website is very good compared to other websites, and I probably won’t be using the website a whole lot, since I have my ways of checking COVID-19 levels, but I think it would probably be good to check it out once or twice or more depending on how you feel about it.

Author’s Quick Comment:

I probably shouldn’t be too shocked about this, but I was personally very shocked that US had more COVID-19 cases than China, which is the country where COVID-19 had started. Currently China is having a plateauing of COVID-19 cases, like many other countries around the world, but US currently is still having a rise in number of COVID-19 cases. I really thought that US will have an easier time with better medicine and technology, but I am very surprised that it turned out this way.

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